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Dojo EcoShop is the natural choice for great eco alternatives to everyday goods. A unique range of natural organic mattresses, beds made from sustainably produced timber, organic bedding and towels, greener home and gardening, eco paint, recycled mats for shiatsu and yoga, fairly traded toys and sustainable fabrics, all sourced from ethical suppliers or made in our workshop from organic materials

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March 9, 2007 - 9:38pm

Welcome to Dojo EcoShop! We’ve finally got the website up and running, and it’s only taken us 17 years...well not quite, although it has felt like that at times. When we started making furniture in 1990 the concept of the internet would have seemed pretty strange to us. Being hands-on, hammer-and-nails sort of people we needed a bit of encouragement, but now we are really excited to be here, so thank you James and Philip for persuading us we needed more than a couple of pages, and for sorting it out too!

We are proud to be a manufacturer and a shop, so as well as having the versatility to make pretty much anything to order (from a mattress 320cm square to 40 cushions for an Indonesian orchestra) you can call in to our place to chat through an idea, try out samples and have a good look at all the products on this site. We always have more great eco goods in our shop than we can show here but we’ve chosen lots of our favourites. It’s quite an eclectic range and growing all the time so we’ll let you know about new things as we go along and although you can’t order on this site, yet, we are just a phone call or e-mail away.