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Some of the nice emails we have had from customers...


Hello Sarah, I received my mattress (pillow and mattress protector) yesterday morning and I'm very happy. What a difference! It's excellent to sleep on and exactly what I was hoping for. Also, thank you for your excellent and speedy service. I will gladly recommend you to all my friends. Best wishes, MT 1.6.17

Hi Sarah, just a quick note to tell that we are very happy with the mattress - it has a very comfortable, luxurious feel and the quality seems impeccable. I first ordered samples back in 2013 so it took me while to get to this point but I'm very glad I placed an order in the end. It was also kind of Jonathan (I hope I got his name right) to call afterwards. Thanks again and all the best, JW 11.5.17

Hi Sarah. I hope you're well. The kids and I are really pleased with the mattresses and bedding bought from yourselves late last year. Do you guys have any organic fabric that would be suitable for keeping daylight out, either on its own or layered? Cheers, NM 5.5.17

Hi both, it was great to meet you guys yesterday, thank you so much for showing us around. So, we would like to order the latex mattress (firm, but not the super firm one) please. Our bed size is 150 x 200. Also the following - 1 mattress protector - organic cotton, 2 of your pillows in carded wool, one with extra filling in please, Organic cotton bed linen in mocha colour: 2 pillow cases, 1 king size fitted sheet, 1 king size duvet cover, 1 Organic jersey cotton king fitted sheet, 1 Cherry stone hottie. Please let me know about how to make the payment. We really love what you guys are doing! We're so excited, I dreamed about our new mattress last night! Thanks and best wishes, T, C & LMM…. (after delivery) We're in heaven, thank you xxx 4.5.17

Hi. We absolutely love everything from our last order so are back for more. Please can I order the following: Latex mattress, waterproof mattress protector, Organic mattress protector double, Pillow case, Satin duvet cover, Fitted sheet double, Pillow wool, Organic overlay double cotton. I look forward to hearing from you to confirm details. Thanks, AS 2.5.17

Hello Sarah & Jonathan, I've received my mattress and it's beautiful. Beautiful to look at and to lie on, looking forward to my first night's sleep in it. I've been on a blow up bed in a draughty room for about 6 weeks so this'll keep me much warmer. Thanks again, I really admire what you do. RM 28.4.17

Hi Jonathan, thanks for your reply. The mattress is already comfortable and I have slept well so far. Thanks DJ 28.4.17

Hi, we would love to order either a latex futon or a traditional futon, single, 190cm by 90cm. Please let us know the price and lead in time. We have ordered from you before and love your mattresses. Thank you! CA 13.4.17

Hi Sarah, I hope you are doing well and that business is thriving. I'm the American who bought a mattress from you about 3 1/2 years ago, and then you were kind enough to source a block of soft latex for me, cut into three slices, for mattress toppers. Having enjoyed our time in England, my husband and I are now just back in the US, and I'm attempting to get more latex like I got from you, but having no luck. Specifically, the organic natural latex here has an odor, whereas what I bought from you was completely doorless. I'm still in the early stages of looking into this, but I'd be willing to have latex shipped from England if that's what it takes. Any answers or information you can give me will be very much appreciated. If it's easier to talk, just let me know what number and what day is best for you (I'm five hours earlier here, so your afternoon or evening will work best for me). Best wishes, CT 12.4.17

Hi, we bought a mattress from you for our daughter when you were based in Manchester and we always regard it as the most comfortable mattress we have. Now we are looking for a mattress for ourselves and wonder if you still have a workshop we could visit and test which would be the most suitable mattress for us. Are you open at a weekend anytime soon? Many thanks ST 6.4.17

Hi Sarah, it was nice to see your shop there last Wednesday and to meet with Jonathan. You live in a really nice part of the country! I would like to proceed with the order for 1 x organic latex mattress medium-firm 152cm x 200cm. Please advise on how best to proceed, many thanks, JC 4.4.17

Hi. I love your shop and have bought things in the past. It's time for a new mattress and so I thought of you. The thing is, I have a frame for a small double, which looks to be about 122cm wide. Do you make mattresses that size - small double? Thanks GG 31.3.17

Hi Sarah. Just want to say thank you for waiting and for the mattress. I've just tried it - it's amazing! AS 27.3.17

Thanks Sarah, your company has been really helpful and we love our mattress! It's the nicest mattress I've ever had :) MH 22.3.17

Hi Sarah, just wanted to report back how much I love the mattress! Thank you so much for all your work on it - it is so comfortable - just wish I could stay in it a bit longer but sadly work beckons. Best wishes to you, CT 19.3.17

Dear Sarah, its a lovely mattress, and the pillow as well. I've been sleeping well and feeling warm and snug. Thank you, YK 19.3.17

Hi Sarah, thank you for following the delivery up. We are really pleased with the mattress, it's perfect! Yet to sleep on it, but it feels super comfy and nice. It looks really well made and we are really happy with the quality. Thank you very much. AC 18.3.17

Hello! I bought a double mattress (I forget which one it was now...?) from you, over 3 years ago. I absolutely love it. :-) I think it was the wool one - it's really heavy! I now find myself having to move, temporarily in with a friend - there is no where to put my bed/mattress. I need to put it into storage for about 4 months, and I was wondering if you could advice me of the best way to store it. Many thanks! I want to keep safe and nice to hopefully use again in 4 months time when I re-settle... JB 15.3.17

Hi. I just recently bought a mattress from you and it is magnificent. Truly the best mattress I have ever slept on--I cannot stop telling people about it. I have convinced my mother in law to purchase one also, and so she would like to have exactly what I have, but UK king size. Please let me know what this will cost and also (out of interest) what is inside it, because I wasn't exactly sure. It was the FIRM she wanted also. LLW 19.2.17

Hello, hope you're keeping well. We are interested in purchasing a European size mattress, which comes in at 90cm x 200cm. Is this something you will be able to provide, and if so, what would be your estimated price? We've always been very happy with the mattresses we've bought from you, many thanks for your help, and be well, TH 7.2.17

Dear dojo, thanks so much for my beautiful latex mattress, which was delivered at the end of December. It is a thing of beauty and supremely comfortable. I am so glad I made the investment! Many thanks MD 4.2.17

Hello Sarah and Jonathan, just to let you know that I'm really pleased with all the items. The quality is superb! I haven't tried the mattress yet as I'm waiting for my daughter's partner to put the bed frame together for me. I'm hoping that will be today. I'm sure it'll be lovely too though.I'd like another bag of the wool offcuts too please and also another soap if you have some left. My daughter was very pleased with both of those items. Thank you for the material samples, offcuts of those materials would be brilliant. Again the quality is excellent. I do wish I'd found your shop (in Manchester) before it had closed and you'd moved. I'd like to thank you for all your help and advice re my purchases. You've both been brilliant. Your products are wonderful. It's been very difficult to find really good quality, natural organic products, that are what they say they are and aren't priced through the roof. The delivery was efficient and painless, plus the driver was very pleasant. Thank you once again. Best regards SS 27.1.17

Hi Sarah, Just to brighten your day (hopefully). During the night last night, both my husband and I got up for glasses of water. (It's very dry here, and was -4)! When we went back to bed, he said, "This duvet is very good." Then, after a minute or two, "And I've come to the conclusion that this mattress is the best I've ever slept on." So, thank you! :-) I will wait to hear from you about the cushion. Have a lovely day and thanks again. KN 18.1.17

Hi Dojoeco, I bought a mattress from you some years ago and I've been very pleased with it. I am now looking for a double mattress so would be grateful for a price please. Many thanks SC 8.1.17

Hello Sarah and Jonathan, I hope you're both well. I've been meaning to write for a few weeks now, to tell you how much we're loving our new mattress (and sheets and duvet)! It's super-comfortable and a perfect replacement for our old one (which has been passed on and, as far as we know, is now in use as a spare bed). I actually fell down the stairs two days before our move to France, and have been on crutches since. I can't tell you how nice it is to get into a warm, comfy bed after a difficult day. The crutches have given me quite the achy back and shoulders, but the mattress is so supportive that I always feel better in the morning. Thank you so much again! Many thanks again for all your help, and have a wonderful holiday/Christmas/New Year! KLN 21.12.16

Hello, we already have a couple of your mattresses and would like to order a single futon mattress please for our child. The 7 layer latex sounds like the best option. How soon would you be able to deliver this please? Many thanks, IA

Hello, I am really happy with the mattress, thank you! I'd like to order a few of your boxy floor cushions (65cm x 65cm) with removable covers. Please can you tell me how long the lead time would be? Also, what are the options for colours etc. Many thanks. Kind regards YH 1.12.16

The mattress is absolutely fantastic!! So pleased. Thank you! CW 26.11.16

All good! Thanks. Fantastic products - mattress and bedding! BJ 18.11.16

Hi folks, My new mattress and bedding is spot on. I'm yet to go through the entire consignment but will double check all is present and correct and get back to you with an order for more mattresses( three more double, medium-firm latex mattresses) and whatever bedding wasn't in stock last week. In the meantime, do you guys stock any organic fabric which might be used to make blackout blinds? I'm thinking maybe heavy hemp. Cheers, NM 16.11.16

Hi Sarah, It’s Olivia here who bought 2 single latex mattresses from you last year. Which we are enjoying greatly! We would now like to buy 2 single coir futons with the wool rich interliner, from you. Kind regards, OC 21.10.16

Hello Sarah and Jonathan, All has arrived and is set up! We had two nights of sleep already and mattress as well as bedding are divine! The futon covers fit perfectly! Thank you so much! Also for the personal contact-it does make all the difference… Have a good start into this week! All the best, NE 17.10.16

Hi Sarah and Jonathan. I know its been 11 months since I purchased a mattress from you but I can honestly say it is probably the best purchase I have ever made. I have slept so soundly and comfortably since it arrived. It is incredibly hard to have to leave it in the morning. And a real suprising bonus is that it warms up so fast in the winter but never gets hot in the summer so the perfect temperature all year round. I would also like to say a special thank you to you both for the customer care and service you provided, remenisant of the old fashioned care which has been lost these days. I totally love my pillows too and if I go away they come with me. LL 14.10.16

Hi Sarah, You may remember that we bought a single mattress from you guys some time ago for our sons room. It took us a very long time to chose! Just to say - we LOVE it. One day, when we can afford it, we will get one for us too! In the meantime we need to carpet our stairs and landing and we want something environmentally sound but also with low or no VOC off-gassing. I went to your website to see if you did flooring but sadly not. But then I thought you might know somewhere that does? If you do and you have the time it would be great if you could give me details. No worries if not. Thanks agin for making such lovely, comfy, Eco-friendly and natural mattresses. It's so reassuring to know my little boy isn't breathing in any horrid gasses at night. Best wishes MM 27.9.16

Hello Sarah, Thank you so much for your email and the time you took to include the price and dimensions. We are still thinking which way to go? Maybe we will purchase a new sofa? We really love the mattress I ordered from you. We find it really comfortable...sleep like a log! I really appreciate your kindness. Kind regards CL 15.9.16

Hi Thanks so much for our mattress, we love it! You should have received the samples back by now? Forgot to order a protector to go with it when placing the order. Would like the thick cotton layer (£60 I think). Please call for card payment details. Many thanks GL 5.7.16

Dear Sarah & Jonathan, We are interested in ordering a double mattress and would like to know the price and delivery. We bought a mattress from you about 4-5 years ago and are very happy with it. It has been the most comfortable and warm mattress that we own. Now we would like to order one for our son (the same but in the double). We look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind Regards B&SH 18.3.16

We have ordered mattresses from you before, and I think this is what we usually have? Medium single natural latex mattress. It will have been about seven and a half years ago… I am pretty sure it was medium latex. We had three of them custom made, one was for a super king size bed, and the other two for wide (3'6") singles. The mattresses we already have from you, by the way, are great. They really are supremely comfortable! I will keep an ear out for my phone on Tuesday. Thanks! MK 13.3.16

Hi, We're just checking in to let you know that we love the new mattress & pillows & are reeeeally pleased we chose them. Thank you! E&C WW 11.3.16

Hi Sarah, I finally managed to sleep in my son's bed - he was not too willing to give it up even for one night only ;) - and enjoyed it immensely!!! I am therefore ready to place an order for a double Latex Natural Mattress with firm density of latex. I would also like to add: One Organic Cotton Mattress Overlay Double, One Organic Mattress Protector single, One Cornflower Blue pillow and duvet cover (single), and one white flat sheet single. I wait to hear from you with total (I will be sitting down!!), method of payment and anything else you might need to advise me on. Thank you. Best wishes, MS 9.3.16

Dear Sarah, Just to say thank you. The mattress arrived on time on Feb 19th, and having used it for the past two weeks, I can wholeheartedly say that I am very happy with it. All best wishes, AN 4.3.16

Good morning, A couple of years ago I ordered a single mattress from you for my son's bed, and we are super happy! I would now like to have one made for my bed, too. I am after a double one, I look forward to hearing from you. Have a good day, MS 3.3.16

Hi sarah Just wanted to say thank you for the mattress we are getting on really well with it. We would like to buy one of the cotton mattress protectors for it please (king size) I think they are £62. Many thanks VW 22.2.16

Mattress is amazing! Thank you Sarah and Jonathan. All best wishes, ES 16.2.16

Dear Sarah and Johnathon, Sorry for the delay in my email, I have been rather busy but wanted to write and tell you how much we are enjoying the mattress topper. In combination with the firm latex underneath, it is perfect and gives a luxury soft sort of finish, but still supportive. Thank you again Johnathon for your advice and patience on the phone! I will definitely purchase more items in the future as my children get older and need bigger beds! I think it is wonderful that your company is able to provide such well made, chemical free mattresses, thank you again. Many Thanks, SF 15.2.16

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say the mattress is amazing....soo comfy! Love it!!! Thank you! LA 12.2.16

Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for the mattress which arrived last week while I was away. I haven't paid delivery yet... The mattress is just right for me. Soft but supportive enough to feel I am being lifted up rather than sinking in. Perfect! Best wishes LD 7.2.16

Hi, My partner and I bought a lovely mattress from you 6 months ago, it's wonderful so thank you. Is it also possible for you to make me 2 seat pads both 45 cm by 45cm maybe with some futon off cuts, if you have. Many thanks, JO 6.2.16

Hello, I acquired a fab mattress from you but you said I could get neem spray for the mattress to protect from mites? Many thanks VR 6.2.16

Hello, I've recently bought a latex mattress, wool duvet and spelt pillow from your shop. It arrived promptly and in good time. I've been using it for almost one week and I can safely say that its incredibly comfortable, the firmness is just right, and I have no aches or pains in the morning. I'm glad that there's a UK shop out there that I can rely on for good natural bedding, free of plastic and artificial chemicals. I'd like to thank you for your service - keep doing what you do! Best regards, DF 25.1.16

Hi Sarah, Just a quick email to let you know the mattress arrived safe and sound today shortly before 10am. Kudos to you and your husband for the brilliant job you do protecting your mattresses before they leave you for their new homes. It was absolutely chucking it down when the delivery man knocked at our door; the mattress arrived completely safe and sound in its 3 strong layers of packaging :) Needless to say, I got it upstairs and on the bed frame as fast as possible. I can't wait to sleep on it tonight! Will update you and send a proper statement for the website in a few weeks if that's ok? Thanks again! Kind regards KW 22.1.16

Hi Sarah, I’ve been meaning to email you to thank you so much for the mattresses you made up for us at the end of last year. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with them! It is so good to know the kids have as clean a sleeping environment as there is. Your customer service and communication was brilliant (especially in the face of my poor communication!!) and I am so grateful for you squeezing them through your production before closing for Christmas. Thank you, thank you, thank you from me and from three very happy new bunk bed dwellers. Thank you! HP 11.1.16

Hi Sarah, Happy New Year and the mattress I picked up on the 19th Dec is a brilliant piece of work. Thank you. AM 7.1.16

Hi Johnathon, I was just writing to thank you for your help choosing the right mattress, it arrived before Christmas and it is really lovely to sleep on. Many Thanks, SF 29.12.15

Hi Received our matress but haven't got back to you yet, as will be opening today, but we are sure it will be great. Many thanks, Merry Christmas to all of you and Happy 2016 in your new place. What a lovely little company! CLH 24.12.15

Hi, My cousin just got one of your wool, latex mattresses for her son because it is flame retardant free. She's very happy with it. I would like to get one for my daughter but I life in the US. is it possible to get international shipping? Thanks AS 14.12.15

Dear Dojo, My order of mattress and bedding arrived this morning and I am absolutely delighted with it all. Many thanks GH 1.12.15

Hi Sarah and Johnathan, The mattresses arrived! Wow, love them. Thanks. Thanks also for calling today Jonathan to let me know they were on the way. What i was saying to you the other day before my phone dropped out, was how grateful i was to buy these from you both. To see you the makers and support you both in the great job you do! Many thanks, O&M 25.11.15

We've used dojo ecoshop on two separate occasions to buy mattresses for ourselves and our two children as we choose to sleep on the most natural materials we can find. I really liked dojo ecoshop's range and the depth of information they provide on their website. We knew from our research that their products were superb quality and value for money. The customer service is exceptional. When I was unsure what mattress to choose for my daughter they were really helpful. The mattresses are wonderful and we love sleeping on them. I highly recommend dojo ecoshop for anyone looking to invest in great, natural sleep! EC 10.11.15

Thank you very much, Sarah. I hope your house move went well. Our mattress arrived yesterday and is lovely. We're very pleased with it. If you ever need a testimonial let me know. EC 8.11.15

Hi Sarah. Just to let you know that the mattress and protector arrived and went on the bed today. We are delighted. Mattress is just right in terms of how soft and there is no horrible chemically smell. The protector is lovely and soft. Perfect - thanks for all your help and patience with my dilly dallying!! Best wishes MM 14.10.15

Hi Sarah, Mattress arrived. Perfect size. Thank you very much! Kind regards SL 25.10.15

Hello, I ordered a mattress a couple of years ago from you, and I was really happy with it so I would like to order another mattress please AS 7.10.15 Hi Sarah, Thanks for the mattress, everything arrived safely here just after 9 this morning. It looks and feels really good - I was tempted to have a little nap to try it out! Thanks also for the bits of foam, I'm going to try and making my cushions a little bit more comfortable. Cheers, AS 25.10.15

Dear Jonathan and Sarah, Just to let you know that my mattress arrived safely yesterday. Together with new pillows I felt as if I was getting "in" to bed and not "on" to bed last night and I slept really well. Thank you so much for your time when I came to visit you. I went on from you to Powys Castle as you suggested and had a sandwich and coffee in the courtyard accompanied by loads of wasps! However it was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours before the long drive home and I was able to take some lovely pictures of the grounds and peacocks and have a little stroll in the park. I have been studying your website and there is definitely food for thought regarding gifts etc. So many lovely things. Regards KP 27.8.15

Hi Guys, I ordered a mattress from you a year or so ago and would like another. Would you send me a price list please. Thanks, BE 10.8.15

Thanks very much! We love the mattresses. I also really like having a mattress on the floor! Guess we'll have to get a bed eventually tho! Best, SD 4.8.15

Dear Sarah and Jonathon, Sorry that I have not been in contact sooner. Just to let you know that we made it back into kent complete with the 2 dogs and the mattress in tow! We couldn't see out of the windows but arrived home safely.I have now had 3 nights on the mattress and find it although very warm, extremely comfortable, so thankyou for all your advice re the correct choice. Also thank you again for completing it in the time we were up in Wales on holiday. We will certainly return to you for any future purchase and recommend to family and friends. Kind Regards. JS 15.7.15

Hi Sarah The mattress is great! Have had 3 good nights' sleep on it so far :) All the best SD 15.7.15

Hi there, I purchased a natural latex mattress from you a while ago, and it's still the best bed i've slept in. I am now looking for a japanese style bamboo rug…approx 180 x 120 cm. Do you sell them, or do you know where I may find one? Cheers in advance, MS 9.7.15

Dear Sarah, We just wanted to say we were very pleased with the organic latex mattress. It is much softer (made to special order by request) than the one we got from Abaca and our daughter has been having comfortable nights sleep ever since. Many thanks! AMJ 25.5.15

Dear Sarah and Jonathan, Just wanted to say thank you for the delivery of our mattress at such short notice. It arrived first thing Wednesday morning beautifully packaged and undamaged. It's been a pleasure dealing with you both and we appreciate the advice and time you spent advising us on which mattress would be best for us. We have now spent two nights on the latex and given that we had no idea if we would like it - I'm pleased to say that we are both very happy. I'm looking forward to many more nights (and days) lazing with the new baby (still not arrived) on our lovely new bed! Our older three girls tested the mattress first and I just stood back and laughed, as instead of jumping and bouncing on it, they all lay starfished saying 'ooohhhh!' Thank you for a wonderful service and for making such a brilliant product - we hope it will bring us many years of peaceful rest (as much as you can get with 4 children anyway). Best wishes, C&JB 1.5.15

Hi, We bought a mattress from you a year or two ago and would like another similar one to go alongside it – dimensions of new one about 800x2000mm, and same style / thickness as our current one. Thanks and Best Regards, DH 19.3.15

Hi Sarah, Just wanted to tell you Ive been enjoying such good night’s sleeps on my new dojoeco mattress over the last week. It feels the most comfortable mattress I've ever had. I'm so glad I made the purchase. Thought you’d like the feedback, All best wishes, MS 23.2.15

Hi Sarah, Thanks to you both for the mattress, well wrapped, nice delivery guy, Jen loves it and that's all that matters! :-D Phew! Thank you! SC 18.2.15

Hi guys, I hope you are well. It’s been just over a week now since our mattress was delivered and you may be wondering how we’re getting on. The short answer is we love it! We wanted to give it a bit of time before we got back to you just to check that it was good and it’s brilliant. It’s very, very comfortable and we’re both getting a much better night’s sleep so thank you! We also hadn’t tried the new wool duvet as we thought we’d save it for the new mattress and that’s great too. It’s surprisingly warm given its lightness – and it’s warm but not too hot so just perfect (and perhaps not surprisingly the cat loves it too!). As an aside, I also got in touch re. the peg loom rugs and so I have one of these by the side of the bed and it’s a lovely addition to look forward to when I grudgingly have to get out of bed in the morning (yes, it really is that comfortable). Anyway, I think that’s about it other than to say thanks so much for all your advice over the past couple of months and good luck with your new business setting! We’ll be keeping an eye on your website and will point anyone looking for a mattress / bedding in your direction! Best wishes, ST & MT 17.2.15

Hi Sarah, I've just slotted my dojoeco mattress into my bed base and it's a great fit. The mattress is lovely and comfortable to lie on and I am very pleased with it. I am looking forward to many blissful nights of rest! Thanks for your great customer liaison. MS 13.2.15

Hi Sarah, Thank you for the delivery. Elena is enjoying the mattress enormously. She is delighted with the high quality of the materials and of the manufacture. As to me, I love the cotton overlay, I had always wanted something like it. All the best, LB 7.2.15

Hey, Just want to say a massive thank you to both of you for arranging the delivery for today. Everything arrived first thing this morning. We absolutely love it and are incredibly impressed with the quality. It's exactly what we were looking for. You've done a fabulous job :) Thank you!! Big love, RD & GD 3.2.15

Hi , hope all going well with the temporary relocation. I have bought mattresses from you before and really happy with them. I would like to order a childs mattress size 170 x 75 and also a cotton quilt. wool pillow and bed linen to match please. Please let me know what the costs would be and if you want full or part payment and when. Thank you, kind regards. JR 6.1.15

Hi Sarah, Sorry for delay in replying. We love the mattress, it's so comfy and knowing it is all natural is a great feeling. CM 22.12.14

Dear Sarah, The mattresses look great! I tried them too. Very comfy. Hopefully my parents will enjoy them! Many thanks. MP 12.12.14

Hello Sarah and Jonathan, I would like to thank you for our recent purchase - the [latex] futon and the [springy] mattress; they arrived promptly. The futon is so comfortable and supportive, and I’m very happy with the choice – just perfect. But the mattress must be “made in heaven” – incredibly comfortable and beautiful; by far the best we have ever tried. I keep admiring it while the bed for it is being finished. It is also amazing that you make such wonderful things – truly with love, - in such a short time! Thank you for all your help with making the choice over the telephone and, of course, for our wonderfully comfortable sleep! We wish DoJo to prosper and hope that it will bring comfort to many more homes. I wish all of our mattresses were from DoJo...but that is certainly the goal for the future. Again, thank you very much and best wishes, NNS 8.12.14

Hi Sarah, We had a mattress off you earlier this year. I want to order a mattress for my daughters bed, I'm thinking to get one of the futon type mattresses, could you give me a call to discuss. Thanks! ps. love my mattress!!! LH 5.12.14

Hi Jonathan, Thank you for your phone message. I just wanted to let you know that the mattress was delivered on Monday, and left inside the lounge as I requested, as I had to go out. We have unrolled it but not slept on it yet, but it looks great! Thanks very much, CC 3.12.14

Dear Dojo Organic, We'd like to order some balled wool pillow refills, please. PS Some time ago (approximately 15 months ish) we ordered a mattress from you and we think it's brilliant - just wanted to let you know how comfortable we thought it is.) Many thanks, KO 7.11.14

Dear Sarah, It has been couple of months now since I have received your wonderful mattresses. Just writing to say a huge thank you for an outstanding products and great customer service. I am loving every single bit of them and couldn’t be any happier. Thank you once again for making it possible in Jersey. It’s been a pleasure dealing with DoJo and wishing all the best to you and your business! Best wishes, AD 4.11.14

Hello, Thank you so much for our new mattress, (the latex firm) we're loving everything about it - the satisfying firm shape, the fabrics, the extra length at the bottom and the smell! So good to know that we are not breathing in any nasty chemicals. We both settled into it straight away and have slept better than we have in ages - no aches or pains upon waking which is just fantastic. Many Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business with you guys! R&MR 28.10.14

Hi Sarah, We received the mattress last week - thank you very much to all the staff for such a quick turnaround, we really appreciate it! Thanks, TE 28.10.14

Hi Sarah, Excellent sleeping on the mattress thank you, I'm glad we took a gamble and decided to just buy one without being able to try it out. Thanks again. HS 15.10.14

Hi Sarah, It's GB, I purchased a king size mattress, wool KS duvet and wool ball pillow in January! We have been getting so much enjoyment out of your products and most of all sleeping well. Many thanks and warm regards, GB 23.9.14

Dear Sarah, I hope that you are well and everything going well with your building project. We love the mattress you sold us!!! Many thanks for that:) I am thinking of buying a mattress cover... Kind regards and all the best, MM 17.9.14

Hi Sarah, Could you email me a quote for a standard Uk kingsize mattress. Same makeup as the other 2 you made for us. I hope all is very well with you and the business. IS 3.9.14

Hello, We are interested in purchasing an organic mattress, and have heard good reports about you from our friends and have also slept on their mattress and been pleased with it! Thank you, HK 14.7.14

Hi Sarah, Thanks for that. I've since been in e-mail exchange with my friend, Ciara, and she forwarded me e-mail exchanges she had with you to give me all the info. She said you were all very helpful! Ciara is very happy with theirs... Could you please give us a quote for both types of mattresses that you suggest? Thank you, HK 16.7.14

Hi Sarah and all there, Just to say a big thank you. Our lovely mattress arrived today, the delivery man found us. Hooray! Thank you for such a speedy service, you've been great, BD 6.6.14

Hi, We got a matress from you few years ago and are very happy with it. We need to bye cot bed mattress and we had some questions to ask e.g. how soon it can be delivered. Please give me a call soon as you can many thanks VP 3.6.14

Hi Guys! We received our mattresses on Friday. That was amazingly fast, thank you! Saved us from a few more very uncomfortable nights. We love the mattresses and have had two brilliant nights sleep on them. Lovely to know there's no chemicals in them too. We can breathe easy now! We have our first little one due in October and wondered if you could make us up a mattress for them too? There would be no rush with this. We'll probably order a few other things as well like the muslin cloths, pillows and a blanket too so everything could be sent together. Many Thanks, ZB 1.6.14

Hi, I bought a double mattress from you a few months ago and love it, so would now like to buy a single mattress as well! It would be a 90 x 200 cm single mattress of the firm/springy type - the one with a coir layer between latex. Is that possible and if so, how much lead time are we talking at the moment? Also, is it possible to pick it up from your Manchester base during the renovations? If you could email or give me a call, that would be great. Cheers, LC 1.6.14

Dear Sarah and Jonathan, The mattress arrived yesterday. It is really fantastic. We are so pleased and had a great night's sleep! everyone in the house now wants a wool topper. So I may be back in touch soon. Many thanks, MS 31.5.14

Hi there, I bought a fantastic bed from you last year and I'm really pleased with it every time I get in it. I have recently got a new job where I work away through the week - away from my home and new bed. I really miss my bed. What I now dream of is replacing the bed in my rented accommodation with one of yours. Could you please recommend your best sleeping option, ie with mattress, duvet, sheets, mattress cover etc? I'd like an identical mattress to the one I bought last year - the extra deep springy one. Thanks for your time with this, and thanks for your great mattresses - they're awesome. Cheers, NT 22.5.14

Hi Sarah, Just wanted to say I received the latex mattress on Thursday, thanks for being so quick. I was a bit worried it would be too squishy until I wrestled it onto the bed and lay down on it … I couldn't get up again for a few minutes, it was too nice to lie on! My daughter loves it too, so thanks very much, I think it was a great choice! All the best, HD 18.3.14

Hi Sarah, I just want to say that we love our new mattress and are very happy with the firmness! We sleep very good on it! Thanks a lot also for sending it so quick! Thank you and kind regards MR 4.3.14

Hi Sarah, The mattress is wonderful. Just the gentle scent of the sheeps' wool as I unwrapped it was lovely - and so beautifully wrapped too (every bit of the wrap material is being reused). It is so beautiful in its own right that I didn't want to laden it down with bedding, but have of course done this now. I used to sleep like a log, but since becoming electrosensitive, I tend to wake a lot at night. Last night I found that every time I did, and would normally have been thrashing around, I was aware of the lovely soothing feel of the mattress. It gave me a deep sense of peace. Also, being tall, I love the extra bit of length for my toes. I'd also like to say that I had been a little anxious about the order, as getting things without trying/seeing them first can be a bit risky. The mattress couldn't have been better, so thank you so very much. Wish I had got one years ago, but am in bliss now. Best wishes, CP 19.2.14

Hi Sarah, Having slept on the new mattress for a week now we both find it comfy. Many thanks SC 18.2.14

Hi Sarah, We are really pleased with the mattress, duvet and pillow. Many Thanks, GB 28.1.14

Dear Sarah and Jonathan, I love my new mattress - so much so that I accidently slept in this morning and was almost late for work. It's very comfy!!! Thanks for your excellent service. Best wishes, NH 24.1.14

Hi Sarah, thanks for getting back - the details for the order are all correct, please go ahead! As we know you guys do a brilliant job we are happy to pay the full amount now. Looking forward to hear from you when the mattress is ready for delivery and of course please get in touch if there are any other questions, best wishes from the rainy Scottish Highlands CF 15.1.14

Hi Sarah Happy New Year to you, I hope you had a good break. Just wanted you to know that I am really delighted with the new mattress, it is the perfect level of firmness and means I don't have the back probs any more so it could not be better! Pillowcases have worked out well too thanks. Do hope 2014 is a good year for you and Dojo, Warmest wishes JC 7.1.14

Happy New Year and great about collection. Afternoon would be fine. Bedroom finished and mattress fantastic to sleep on! Best wishes DK 4.1.14

Hi Sarah, Happy New Year! We are eventually getting around to thinking about getting a bed frame to fit our much loved (european kingsize) Dojo EcoShop mattress. Can you recommend any suppliers/manufacturers? CD 2.1.14

The new mattress is a treat to sleep on. I wish I'd had it decades ago. A very happy Goldilocks. HW 15.12.13

Hi Sarah, The drivers arrived about 5 minutes ago and dropped off the mattress which I’ve unpacked and it looks lovely. Thank you for your trouble. I look forward to nights of wonderful rest. KT 26.11.13

Dear Sarah, I wanted to let you know that the new mattress is definitely a much better density for me and I have been sleeping very well! I also really like the mattress topper. The two together feel very comfortable indeed! It is truly an investment for my future health as far as I'm concerned, so I can't tell you how grateful I am. I have managed to find someone to make a mattress cover for the futon for me to match the two chairs I have in my therapy room. Everyone who has seen it and tried it just loves it! Thank you again for all your care. With best wishes, VG 15.11.13

Hi, I am a former client who bought two futons/mattresses for my children back in April 2011. We were very satisfied with the product and now we are considering buying a new mattress for our double bed. It would be great if you called me, I could then ask for a bit of advice on what to order from you. Many thanks in advance GC 7.11.13

Hi, we purchased an organic mattress from you last year for my 3 year old. She sleeps very soundly now! We would like to purchase another mattress for my son for Christmas (for the bottom bunk) who is 17 months old. Thanks, JU 28.10.13

Hi, We just received two mattresses from you down here in Bristol and they are lovely! Thank you. I'd like to order some mattress protectors to go with them, and also a cot mattress. Thanks so much, LW 9.10.13

Hi Sarah. The two new mattresses along with the wool protector are feeling sublime. Thanks very much. Money very well spent! All the best and every success for your business in the future. AK 6.10.13

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to write and thank you. The mattress is wonderful and our sore backs are gone! You were so helpful and patient with my many questions. I started a blog not long ago and I’ve just posted about the mattress. We are in the process of buying another house so hopefully i’ll be able to order a king size bed next year! Thanks so much again JC 14.9.13

Hi Sarah, Thanks for the mattresses. They are great. Thanks very much, SP 9.9.13

Hi Sarah, My mattress arrived about 30 minutes ago and it's now all rolled out. It's a great consistency and really comfortable, and I love the colour and feel of the cotton. It makes a lovely change to the artificial feel of synthetic mattresses. Thanks for turning my order round so promptly; I am just try to resist spending the afternoon sleeping on it. I may well be back again in the future, and I'll certainly be recommending you to my friends. With my best wishes, NT 6.9.13

Hi Sarah, I hope you are OK! Sorry for not answering earlier - I was running all over the place and waited to have at least a night's sleep on the mattress. Well, I've slept for the last 2 nights as yet, and the mattress on the floor (carpet) feels amazing - for my tastes at least! And it is really well made. Well done! When I buy a double size mattress it will be from you guys for sure! Well, thanks a lot from a happy customer! NP 19.8.13

Received mattress in morning, it is great pleasure doing business EF 13.8.13

Hi Sarah - Thank you very much for taking the trouble... so you'll be glad to hear that the mattress has arrived with no difficulty! It looks and feels fantastic, I couldn't be more pleased and also with the blue cover. Thank you again and I look forward to being in touch in future. Meanwhile I do hope all your hard work manifests into dreams realised! Warmest wishes, JC 17.7.13

Hi Jonathan, just wanted to let you know the delivery arrived today. Thank you to you and the team for everything. the mattress is wonderful! kind regards, DT 9.7.13

Dear Jonathan, Thank you so much for the absolutely gorgeous mattresses. They are really lovely and we have all slept so well the last 2 nights. They are everything that we had hoped for. You just lie down on them and feel peaceful and sort of ‘earthed’. We probably don’t actually need the new beds that we have bought to go with them which arrive next week, we would be quite happy sleeping on the floor now! We really do appreciate the hard work you have put in to get them ready for us in such a short deadline. Thank you! In terms of feedback for your service in terms of producing the mattresses and the whole ordering element – it has all been exemplary and very friendly and we would certainly order further mattresses from you in the future and recommend your company to friends and family. Best wishes MG 5.7.13

Hi, We have ordered a mattress from you previously and are very satisfied. We need a custom made mattress with the following dimensions 1m to 1m60. Could you guys make one? (Yes!) Thank you. Kind Regards, SS 1.7.13

Hi Sarah, I bought a mattress and shiatsu base from you last year and love it. We've just had a baby and I'm looking into cotbed options... Cheers! KR 9.6.13

Hi, The Prolana mattress arrived this week. It's very comfortable. Thanks :) SC 6.6.13

Hi Sarah, Firstly let me thank you for a year's worth of answering my many question about futons and mattresses. I am so happy we went for the mattress option. We love our mattresses and the two 90 x 200 size works a treat. They are perfect, not too soft or hard. Regards IS 27.5.13

Hello Sarah, Mattress delivered safely and on time - and already slept on very comfortably. What's more, the old woollen one is on the compost heap - better than landfill.. Thanks very much for the excellent service as usual. All the best GP 12.3.13

Dear Sarah, Thank you for the lovely mattresses, they arrived just on time and are very very comfortable! We all want to sleep on them! Thank you again for all your help and no doubt I will be in touch again at some point for some more goodies from your lovely shop! All the best TK 6.3.13

Hello Do Jo people, I just want to thank you for absolutely fabulous mattress. We are loving it, it feels very luxurious to sleep on it. A couple of my friends want to try it out so you may get more orders from Devon. All the best, JC 2.3.13

Hello Sarah and Jonathon, Just a quick e-mail to thank you for your courtesy and efficiency regarding our mattress order. Delivery was very smooth and the mattresses are proving to be a big success. Many thanks. MT 2.3.13

Hello Sarah and Jonathan I hope you received my message I left on Saturday morning. Not long after Jonathan had rung to say the mattress was on its way, did the delivery van arrive. We have since spent two comfy nights on it and are both very happy. We love the firm, yet springy feel. Thank goodness it is still in one piece, unlike the complimentary Montezuma's bar :). How did you know that I have a weakness for good quality milk chocolate with a high cocoa content? Yumm! Many thanks once again Kind regards GD 25.2.13

Dear Jonathan, thanks very much for the mattresses, and for doing them so quickly. They are just what we needed and seem wonderful. Very comfy! Best, CL 29.1.13

Hi Sarah, Well we've actually slept on our mattress for just over a month now and yes, we're jolly pleased. Going to bed is a joy and I'm more inclined to go early and luxuriate in reading in bed, likewise to indulge in afternoon naps when I feel the need. The bedding feels very special too. Best wishes, MC 18.12.12

Hi Sarah, Sorry not to have been able to get back to you as promised before. Our new mattress is absolutely great and I love the protector, it's so soft and cosy. Heaven after 4.5 months on deflating airbeds!! While away we had a memory foam mattress and manmade quilt both of which generated so much heat that I spent the nights alternately sweating and freezing, having thrown the quilt off. It was bliss to get back to our lovely bed with its natural temperature regulation. The wool duvet is divine - I was a bit afraid that it would be too hot for me but interestingly it seems to keep me at a constant comfortable temperature, whatever the room temperature. Thank you so much for all your excellent service. Best wishes, MC 19.11.12

Hi Sarah, Just wanted to say thanks very much for your help. You very kindly answered all my questions... and there were so many. The mattresses are amazing. Def not to soft or hard. Perfect. And a good fit too! Regards IS 18.11.12

Dear Sarah, Many thanks for the mattresses which arrived today and are the perfect size. I am also very happy with the duvet, mattress protector and sheet. Thanks again, MR 29.10.12

Hi there, we bought a bed and mattress from you for my daughter a few years ago, it's been brilliant. Just wanted to know if you still make... Kind regards ST 15.7.12

"My Wonderful Bedding!' Dear All, I just wanted to thank you for my beautiful mattress and warm duvet! Having slept on floor cushions for 3 weeks since I moved house I am now having wondeful nights sleep! I am spreading the word and hopefully you will get some more people converting to your bedding. With warm wishes HR 15.7.12

Hi, Just to let you know that we received our mattress yesterday and it's fab! It's for my daughter but i think i may get some use out of it too as it's so comfy!! Thanks for all your help, NO 7.7.12

Hello, we have an old tri-fold futon in desperate need of a new mattress! i wanted to put in a preliminary order for a springy futon mattress please. Also, we got our mattress from you about 4 (maybe 5) years ago, and i still love it! My son (now 11) is needing a new mattress for his bed, so i may well be in touch about that soon too.Thanks KLI 19.5.12

Hi, We bought a mattress from you in December and absolutely love it. Since then our family has grown by the size of a little girl and we would like to order a cotbed mattress for her. Can we order a Cot Bed 9 x 70 x 140cm and a matching waterproof overlay? Many thanks DM 26.4.12

Dear dojo, we are very happy with our mattresses. Thank you AG 17.4.12

We're very happy with the mattress and are enjoying using it. Thanks again for all your help! Happy Easter! Regards ML 4.4.12

Hi Sarah, we are delighted with the mattress it's amazing! Thank you! All best, ER 8.2.12

Dear Sarah, the mattress and the other goods have arrived safely. I like the mattress very much! After the first night's sleep on it my back felt much relieved and I feel really rested today. Thank you very much for your great service, I will be very happy to contact you whenever I need your service again! Best wishes YT 8.2.12

Just to say we are pleased with our mattress which we received last Saturday. And to thank you for all your kind assistance and the bar of chocolate! We would like to wish you a Very Happy Christmas and Wonderful 2012. Warm wishes V&CR 23.12.11

Just wanted to say that we're delighted with the mattress. An extremely comfortable night's sleep was had last night. Thanks and merry Christmas. DM 17.12.11

Hi Sarah, I've been meaning to write you for awhile to tell you how much we absolutely love the mattresses - the most comfortable things I've ever experienced! I thought of you now because I'm making a list of things to order again soon. Warm wishes, KP 13.12.11

Dear Sarah, Firstly, many thanks for the beautiful comfy mattress which we are very much enjoying sleeping on... SP 31.10.11

I would like to place an order for another mattress with you, also for single size, firm springy extra fill. I would love to buy a king size from you too, but I'll have to wait a bit until we save some money! AP 19.10.11

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for our delivery which arrived as promised on Friday and all the items are brilliant - our little boys love the mattresses on their new bunkbeds! Many thanks. LW 11.10.11

Thanks Sarah, we received the mattress around 13.30h on the specified day. Thanks - we are very pleased with this hand-made marvel P.S. we are saving up for a double mattress, hoping it will help my wife Pamela's back. Regards RDM 1.10.11

Hi, we live on a boat in lancaster and about 3 or 4 years ago we bought a mattress from you which is wonderful and we love! we are now selling our boat and the mattress with it (as it fits the bed settee) and so would like to order a new double size mattress but I can't remember which kind we have and would like the same again. LD 26.9.11

Hi Sarah, just to let you know we've received the mattress I really like it! No one has slept on it yet, as we have not got the bed yet for my daugher, but the initial feel is great. Many thanks for making and sending it. AP 24.9.11

Hi there, I’m a very happy customer of one of your wool matresses and am now looking at futons. Thanks TMC 1.9.11

Hi Sarah, The mattress arrived at 8.30 on monday morning, delivered by a very cheerful (considering the time of morning!) man who also helped to carry it up the stairs for us. I have had a better night's sleep already and feel deeply rested for the first time in months... what a difference a natural mattress makes! Thank you for the excellent service and for making such a great mattress affordable. Best wishes SC 24.8.11

Hello, We have received our mattress yesterday, thank you for the prompt delivery! It is definitely the best mattress we have ever had and we both couldn’t believe how much better it is to sleep on, compared to an ordinary product. This mattress has been WELL WORTH the investment! Best regards, R&NP 12.8.11

Dear Sarah - the delivery arrived yesterday early in the morning. We slept so well on our new mattresses. Thank you! TP 12.7.11

Hi, I recently bought a firm/springy mattress from you for my daughter. We are very pleased with it and she is sleeping well! Thanks very much. Best regards, AM 1.6.11

Hi Sarah, We love the mattress and cushions that we ordered with you previously! Cheers! KR 11.5.11

Hello, I'd like to order a mattress for a single bed (standard size 3ft x 6ft 3) I have bought a mattress from you before. Thanks! JW 24.4.11

hello there, we are really pleased with our new mattress, thank you. BG 5.4.11

The firm-springy king mattress arrived just after 8 am , and i've had nice sleep on it since and i love it, so does my japanese girlfriend and the cat obviously likes it too as he wont stop purring, top x SS 25.03.11

Sarah, Have had a great night's sleep on the new mattress and find it very comfortable. Thank you once again. JB 24.3.11

Hi, My name's Dan. My wife ordered a mattress from yourselves a couple of years ago and it has been fantastic!

Further to our conversation today, I'd like to place an order for another mattress - my wife and I like the one we've got already so much!!

Just wanted to say "Thank you" for my wonderful new mattress which was made and delivered so promptly just before Christmas. I am finding the mattress really comfortable- it was everything I could have hoped for. Thanks again for your excellent service.

I wanted to order a cot mattress, we are by the way extremely happy with the grown up mattresses we ordered from you last year. They're great. Thank you.

My new mattress is wonderful. Thank you both so much for creating it so beautifully. I have slept so well.

I bought a double mattress from you about a year and a half ago and I love it... It is honestly the best mattress I have ever slept on, and definitely the warmest. Lucky to have found Dojo Ecoshop - I developed atopic eczema and have had to cut down on the synthetic fibres and chemicals I'm exposed to (not easy, working in a lab!) so your mattresses were perfect for me.

Hi, just wanted to say that we love our new mattress, it's soooooooooooooooooooooooo comfy! Thank you ever so much.

Just to say Thank you So Much for our mattress - it's GORGEOUS! Thank you for getting it made in time for us to get it to France. We have both had bad backs, which are already feeling better! It's so nice to know that we are sleeping on all those layers of organic wool, latex and coconut fibre - all put together by hand, and then wrapped up in cotton. What a treat! We will definitely be recommending you, and would love to pop into the shop if we're ever in Manchester.

The mattress is wonderful - very comfortable and good support.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new mattress you recently had made and sent to us. It is just so incredibly comfy! So many thanks once again for such a quality product. If I want anything else similar in the future, I shall of course check your company first.

We are absolutely loving our mattress from you!!

The mattress is wonderful and my back is already an awful lot better.

I would just like to say how happy I am with my new mattress and bedding. All of the products are lovely and better than I expected. I will definately order from you again. I had a great night's sleep!

Mattresses arrived safely and are lovely. Thank you for making them!!

The mattress is the comfiest sleep I have ever had, very hard to get out of bed in the morning!

We now want to order the bed frame (to go with our beautiful mattress).

The mattresses and bedding are fantastic – we are all sleeping really well and feeling much better for it! Thank you!

Thank you, everything went very smoothly and the Mattress is very comfy indeed (my cat thinks so too!). Thanks so much for all of your help with sorting it out, it's wonderful to get the mattress I need!

I bought a mattress from you a while back - it's a King Size Been fixing up the house so wanted to keep it clean. FINALLY opened it up last night and it's perfect. Thanks guys, quality gear as always (second I've bought from you in 10 years or so).

Hi, just to say we really like our mattress, very comfortable !!! Thank you!

Just wanted to let you know mattress arrived monday morning and we love it! Many thanks.

The mattress rocks and the futon is just as good!

Just to let you know my mattress and 2 bathmats arrived yesterday. They are just right!!

Mattresses delivered on time. Incredible service. Very impressed. And I love them. Just perfect. And having now slept on one, enjoyed the best nights sleep in years! I will definitely buy from you again and will be highly recommending your company to my friends. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

We look forward to receiving the mattress etc, we have been really pleased with the other one we purchased from you :)

Just wanted to say thanks for the mattress. it is wonderful and i have been sleeping so much better. i even wake up feeling less pain than i felt the night before; that is a first for me! thanks again.

We really appreciate the bed and mattress, have recommended to lots of people.

Very much enjoying sleeping on the lovely organic mattress, so thank you!

Thanks for my gorgeous mattress!

Sorry it's taken me a month to get back to you - that's life with a small baby! We're very happy with the mattress, which is wonderfully comfortable.

My new organic mattress is great. Many thanks. I am very pleased with it. I have given your details to a few friends already.

The mattress is fantastic, we both really like it. Firmess of a futon but with a bit of give - perfect. I will definitely recommend your mattresses to others.

The mattresses are wonderful. So comfy.

Thanks very much for the mattress - it's really comfortable!!

Just wanted to let you know the parcels (single mattress) arrived safely. Many thanks for all your help. I would order again from Dojo Eco without any hesitation as the service is excellent.

The mattress has arrived and after a good nights sleep I can say that we are delighted. It really is a lovely piece of craftsman/person-ship. Many thanks.

I have ordered from you before, and really loved my mattress, I just wanted to order these two things for my friend who is having a baby…

Just to let you know that the mattress arrived ok. Its fabulous, thank you so much for getting it for us so quickly, we really had had enough of sleeping on the floor! Many thanks, we'll probably see you again soon, loved the shop.

Thank you very much indeed! Just to let you know i think the mattress is brilliant and am very pleased and will be reccomending you guys to all of my friends. Many thanks.


Dear Dojoeco, I am looking to purchase a futon mattress from you but have several questions I am hoping you can help me with. I have previously purchased a conventional futon from you at Manchester Futon company years ago and was very happy with it but I am older and not sure whether I should go for the conventional futon mattress again or the coir/latex mattress. Again I would value your opinion…. Hi Sarah, thank you very much for your patience in answering all my questions. I think I will be getting rid of my superking frame and replacing with a double...some time soon. Then i can have what I had before - double futon which i loved and if it proves a little too firm i can just add on a topper. Best wishes CmcG 26.4.17

Hi, we have purchased 2 futons from you in the past, and are thinking about ordering another - a 7-layer single this time… Cheers, IJ 22.4.17

Hello, I have ordered from you before, a latex mattress and a latex futon. I was thinking of ordering a shiatsu mat and topping it with one of those folding futons you have as a bed for each of my 2 children. It says you can do the shiatsu mats in different sizes, could you do a 90cm by 200cm? If so how much would this cost? I really want something that can be folded away to make the most of the little space they have in their bedroom. Regards, DE 1.4.17

We have ordered a futon from you in 2014 October which we like so much. Ideally I would like to have something similar for my child. Please let me know asap, if you have any furon or mattress, etc.. for children. Thanks KZ 22.4.17

Hey guys. Longtime customer from manchester here... I've bought two of your lovely futons in the past and swear by them. I wondered - could you do a custom 50/50 kingsize mattress for us? Normal for me, more latex for her side? AL 24.3.17

Hi, I have a couple of bolsters and am looking for covers for each of them. Is this something you can do? PS I still make good use of a futon and base bought from you about 20 years ago… (after delivery of covers) The Bolster covers arrived today. They fit well and look very good, thank you. Best Wishes JB 13.3.17

Hi, I purchased a king size latex futon, kneeling matt and futon cover etc from you in 2015, they are all fantastic…very pleased. Now we’re looking for new mattresses, possible futons to replace our existing beds and would like to see if we can have some small section samples sent across? Thanks & Best Wishes AB 24.1.17

We previously bought two of your thickest futons to use as mattresses. At the time we couldn’t afford two single mattresses and after chatting with you were happy that these would be suitable for everyday use for our two boys. They are really comfortable and the boys have enjoyed sleeping on them. Do you provide any guidance regarding frames suitable for your mattresses? and how much do your mattresses weigh? Many thanks. Kind regards FL 22.1.17

Hi, Thanks so much to everyone at Dojo Eco - our new futon is amazing! All the best, E&HR 24.6.16

Dear Sarah, We bought a futon from you a couple of months ago, which we love. It's perfect. We are using it as a sofa on a permanent basis. I know that you sent instructions, but I seem to have read and forgotten - are we supposed to keep turning the futon if using it as a sofa. Thanks, AD 8.4.16

Hello, I am interested in purchasing a futon cover from you. I already own one of your Traditional Futons Single 90 x 200cm and just wanted to say that after maybe a year or more? of using it I am still loving it. Thank you MM 3.4.16

Hello, we purchased a 7 layer 5cm latex futon from you back in 2013 which is very comfortable. We are just completing a couple of holiday houses up here and we thought we might use the same futons in them. One house is very nearly complete and for this one we require the following sizes, quantities: 200 x 90: 4 of, 200 x 150: 2 of, 185 x 90: 1 of. We would also need mattress protectors for all of them. If you could come back with a price and delivery time that would be appreciated. Many thanks, NH 2.4.16

I would like to say first, Thank-you for the prompt delivery of my recent purchase of my son's futon mattress. He says is very comfortable and he is very happy with the mattress. I would like to order 2 more mattresses. Kind Regards, MS 15.3.16

5 LAYER DOUBLE FUTON - NO COVER - NO SPECIFIC COLOUR REQUIRED Thanks Sarah, all received and it's lovely. Thank you !! Please thank Jonathan & the rest of the workshop also for all your help. Kind Regards, XPT 11.3.16

Hello, I ordered 3 latex futon mattresses 3 months ago and just wanted to say thank you, we love our new mattresses! I was delighted to find chemical free natural mattresses at such a great price for all the family and have not been disappointed. From a number patiently and informatively answered enquiries about different mattresses, prompt delivery and fantastic, very comfortable mattresses I would highly recommend you company. Thanks again, BC 9.3.16

Hi Sarah, Futon arrived today …very pleased with it, excellent quality and very comfortable... I’m sure my clients will enjoy the treatments I intend to give starting early in the New Year and on it over the years….and finally I have somewhere to retreat to when my other half is snoring like an elephant :) For storage I’ve rolled it up and secured it with three luggage straps so it can stand vertically in a section of my therapy room... and now need two covers; one for storage and one to protect the futon during use. Thanks AB 17.12.15

Hi Sarah Thanks so much - our futon arrived on time and we had our first sleep in two months (since we arrived in Uk) where we weren't rolling towards each other in a tiny bouncy springy bed !!! Have a great weekend. SA 5.12.15

Hello there, I just wanted to get in touch and say how great the futon we bought from you is. We got the latex, 7 layer futon and it is really comfortable. Thanks! I also found you really friendly and great to deal with. Thanks and regards, LBS 2.12.15

Hiya Dojo Ecoshop peeps, We love our futon so much we are buying another for our spare room. Just checking - will it be ready by mid-December? If so, this is what we would like - 1x latex futon 7 layer 5cm latex Double (140 x 200cm), 1x double mattress protector, 2x Small spelt husk pillows 40x 60cm, 2x child's pillow cases 40x 60cm. Thanks so much, Best wishes, KS 23.10.15

Hi, I bought a futon mattress from you earlier this year. It has been absolutely wonderful for sleeping and relaxing on! I was just wondering if you also sold the mats which are traditionally placed underneath the futons? Best wishes, OJ 21.10.15

Hello there - can't believe it's already a week since the futon arrived and since I've been sleeping on it. It's truly heavenly! Many thanks for the great work you are doing, With warm wishes, DP 19.10.15

We took delivery of the futon you made for us last week; I wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with it. It is very comfortable to sleep on and my back problems have decreased. I am glad I found your company. Thank you. Good wishes JP 11.9.15

Hi Sarah, hope you are well. We are looking for 2 futon mattresses to fit a 80cm-200cm frame. (Like our lovely futon we bought with you, extra soft). Could you let me know how much that would be?! It would be for a daybed that can be used by our kid and guests. Hope it's not raining too much up there, Best wishes, S&MS 25.8.15

Hi there Sarah, We bought some futon mattresses last year from you and were very pleased with purchase, so here we are with a new inquiry. We would be interested in a 5 layer single traditional futon. Thanks a lot! EP 15.8.15

Hi, I have already ordered and received a single futon mattress, which we were very pleased with. I believe it was the latex futon that I ordered. That is the most popular isn't it? I am now thinking of ordering futon mattresses for the rest of the family. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, KS 22.6.15

Hi Sarah, I know that everyone likes to moan when things go badly, but... I just wanted to say what a great futon you have made for us - it is very comfortable and suits out purpose so well. It was also a pleasure to deal with Dojo Ecoshop again, having previously bought a wool duvet from you last year. I would not hesitate to use you again and will heartily recommend you to friends. Thanks again, I hope you enjoyed your time off and this is a pleasant email to return to! CJ 6.6.15

Hi Sarah, The coir futon we ordered is superb!! My other half been sleeping in it and he is very impressed! I'm not so impressed as he refused to pay for it to start with! Should have charged him £50 per night! Thank you TL 6.5.15

Dear Sarah and Jonathan - I am not just a HAPPY customer - I am ECSTATIC !!!! Your futon and foam mattress toppers have enabled me to SLEEP for the first time in weeks which is FAR more precious than most anything else for helping me cope with this *^>!!!^$@!!<** lung cancer !!! Your work is also of such beautiful craftsmanship that your futon is an aesthetic pleasure too !..................and this really does also make what was previously painful into a PLEASURE !!! ( - I am a very fastidious crafts person myself so it does matter to me !!!) With MANY Thanks once again, MH 27.3.15

Dear Jonathan , Sarah and ALL the team at Dojo, THANK YOU ever so much - our new futon is Absolutely PERFECT !!! We LOVE it - and the two arm cushions are exactly right and make it even MORE comfortable !!! THANK YOU too for making the futon and cushions so quickly for me ! The delivery was within the hours stated ( at 11:15 am ), and , a funny coincidence - the driver used to LIVE in our house when he was aged 6 to 15 years old !!! ) The extra latex foam makes the futon sofa base SUPER soft luxery - we have put one foam layer on top of the sofa seat and then a heavy cotton loose cover over the entire sofa. The second latex foam piece is going on top of my side of the bed and will enable me to sit propped up without getting a sore bum - HURRAH !!! I used to dread trying to get to sleep at night - and I now I am REALLY looking forward to bedtime! We really appreciate the excellent quality of the workmanship of your futon and cushions, as well as the beautiful materials used. I am of course also very pleased and relieved to have a futon WITHOUT carinogenic chemicals !!! With MANY Thanks again and Very Best Wishes, MH 25.3.15

Hi there Dojo, I ordered a fantastic futon mattress from you a month or two ago, that I just LOVE. I am so not a domestic goddess and have no idea how to clean it. I don't want to ruin the lovely futon! What should I do?? Help and thanks, KP 11.3.15

Hi Sarah, I am overjoyed with my futon. Thank you so much. Love the colour as well. Warmest wishes KH 6.3.15

Hi Sarah, I received the futon on Saturday and I have had a great first night sleeping on it. Thank you for such an easy and pleasant transaction. Kind Regards, OT 1.3.15

Hi Sarah, We received the futon this morning - it's very comfortable. Thanks very much for making and delivering it so quickly, we really appreciate it. Kind regards, SL 15.1.15

Hello Sarah and Jonathan, I would like to thank you for our recent purchase - the [latex] futon and the [springy] mattress; they arrived promptly. The futon is so comfortable and supportive, and I’m very happy with the choice – just perfect. But the mattress must be “made in heaven” – incredibly comfortable and beautiful; by far the best we have ever tried. I keep admiring it while the bed for it is being finished. It is also amazing that you make such wonderful things – truly with love, - in such a short time! Thank you for all your help with making the choice over the telephone and, of course, for our wonderfully comfortable sleep! We wish DoJo to prosper and hope that it will bring comfort to many more homes. I wish all of our mattresses were from DoJo...but that is certainly the goal for the future. Again, thank you very much and best wishes, NNS 8.12.14

Hello, after our great satisfaction with the futon which we ordered from you, I would like to now buy a wool pillow. Please send payment details. Many thanks, JW 7.11.14

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say our futon arrived today and is beautiful! So happy with it :) DC 24.10.14

Hi Sarah, Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help and patience in getting our luxurious latex king sized Futon to us in France. I know I was asking you a lot of questions about the delivery, so thank you for your time. Our family love your Futons and we recommend you to all who ask where to get a locally made Organic mattress or Futon. In fact my Tibetan Friends just bought a single futon from you for their son after I raved about my daughter's. Big thank you again LM 12.10.14

Hi Sarah, Thanks again for all of your help. The new futon is fantastic, it has that little bit of cushioning and it makes all the difference. The pillows are really good, too. Thanks again and we'll be in touch soon. All the best, MS 17.7.14

Hi sarah, Thank you for the fast delivery of our futons. They're great. Kind regards AK 15.7.14

Hi there, I'm emailing with some questions about a futon mattress. My housemate has one of your mattresses that I find extremely comfortable and I'd like a quote for one please. She has the traditional 7 layer with a 5cm latex core. However she keeps it mostly flat and I'm currently looking at having mine on a sofa frame so it would need to be foldable. I would still be using it every night, but most days fold it into the sofa. Thank you for your help, I look forward to hearing from you. Warm wishes, JG 13.6.14

Hi Sarah, We bought a futon from you in April, which is wonderful. I would really like to purchase your natural cot bed mattress - Cot Bed 9 x 70 x 140cm £110.00 which I have seen on your website. Do you still return to Manchester to teach the Aikido class while the refurbishment is being done, and if so could we therefore arrange another Manchester pick-up? Kind Regards, CB 8.6.14

Hi Sarah The futon is installed and you're right, after initial suspicion the cat loves it! And so do I. Quite firm but very comfortable. Thanks to you and Jonathan for all your help. Best wishes, RF 1.6.14

Hi Jonathan, Sarah - You may recall you supplied us with a large (wood framed) futon, about 15 (?) years ago from the original futon factory... The futon's been fantastic, and is still our favourite bed - well done. Could you make us a new mattress? I recall Jonathan saying it was 5 or 7 layer - thicker than normal I think. Glad you're happy in Welshpool. Best regards, DS 9.5.14

Hi there, We bought our current futon mattress from you around 12 years ago and we now think it's time we upgraded. Our bones are a little older and while the 7 layer futon mattress (or it could be 9, we can't remember!) has served us well, we would be interested in something with a bit more give. We are edging towards the latex core as they look like they have a bit more give so any advice you could give would be very much appreciated. Do you charge for the samples? Thanks very much in advance, CET 22.4.14

Hi Sarah and Jonathan, I have been meaning to e-mail and say that we absolutely love the futon! It was the perfect solution to our natural and affordable mattress need. So comfortable, firm but cushioning at the same time - just as you described. And thank you so much for being able to get it to us so quickly. Kind Regards JB 24.3.14

Thank you so much for the futons. We absolutely love them! EC 22.3.14

Hello, We ordered our kingsize futon mattress from you over a year ago and are sleeping very happily on it - thank you very much! We now need a single mattress for our 7 year old daughter - we're thinking of a futon mattress for her too - it would be just to sleep on, no need to roll up and put away: which one do you recommend and how many layers? Thank you ADJ 15.2.14

Dear Jonathan, The futon has finally arrived. Thank you, it is lovely. I am very happy with the futon. Best NT 1.11.13

All delivered...the futon and bedding are lovely. Thank you. AL 30.10.13

Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for all your help and advice when supplying the Futons, really appreciated. Just to let you know George Clarke's Amazing Spaces starts this Thursday, 24th October at 8pm on Channel 4, sorry not sure which episode the Sky Den Tree House where we used the Futons is featured. Thank you again. Best wishes JM 22.10.13

Hello Sarah, It's Jane here the stylist for 'Amazing Spaces' Joanna and are just sorting out the paperwork today, we need the invoice/receipt for the delivery of the futons to Kielder Northumberland. Is it possible that you could email me one? Many thanks. And the futons were fab.. I loved them, and appreciate your efforts in doing a good job for us. Kind regards JF 25.9.13

Hello, Somewhat late, but I just wanted to say thank you for turning around the order so quickly, and thank you for the Futons! We noticed the difference with the latex futon the first night we slept on aching shoulder and no aching hip! Lovely, and just what we needed: we're both VERY happy! Many thanks! JT 15.10.13

I've been sleeping on my futon for a week now. It's fantastic! I sleep like a baby nonstop all night and wake up ready to go every day, which was never the case on a traditional mattress. Not to mention that it looks and feels like a truly top quality product. Worth every penny! Feel free to use this as a testimonial :) TD 30.9.13

Hi, I've ordered great products from your before (inc the futon) and featured your great wool fillings in my well-being-dublin facebook page this week (in my healthy home section). It reminded me I have a few more things I'd love to get from you guys. The last big bag of wool I bought, carded, was about waist high and pretty big. Is that the bags you're selling at the moment? Thanks again and keep up the great work! AH 25.9.13

Dear Sarah, I was away for a couple of weeks so, having been home a week, just wanted to thank you properly for my fabulous futon - I'm absolutely thrilled with it. Very best wishes MS 1.9.13

Hello Sarah, This is just to thank you for the lovely futons. They are very comfortable, beautifully made and just what my daughter was hoping for. If I ever need futons again I will be sure to order them from Dojoeco. Thank you again. Kind regards SH 18.8.13

Dear Sarah, The futon arrived safely this evening - THANK YOU! It looks beautiful and I am really looking forward to going to bed tonight! MS 8.8.13

Just letting you know the window seat futons have arrived safely and look wonderful!! – Thank you very much, J&HW 3.8.13

Dear Dojo, I just wanted to say many thanks for making us our lovely futon mattress. Not slept on it yet, but it is making a very good sofa! Kind regards, SH 21.7.13

Hi. Thanks very much for the futon, which I've had for one and a half weeks now. I'm very pleased with it and the pillows and enjoy sleeping on it, on top of tatamis. As I'm over 60 I was interested to find it both pleasant to sleep on and firm enough that, as far as I can tell, my joints are feeling a noticeable beneft already. Thanks again for your quality, environmentally conscious product. BE 10.7.13

Hello Lovely Folk Just to say our futon finally arrived! We love it. I am sleeping better than I have in 4 years. Seriously brilliant and so comfortable. Many thanks! SW 26.4.13

Hi Sarah, Thanks much for the two futons, which Isabel took in yesterday. After truly splendid slumber, neither of us were particularly keen to get up this morning! My best -AS 12.3.13

Dear Sarah, You may not remember me! A few years ago you made me two futon mattresses for our Shepherd's Hut (still going strong!) and now I am researching bed linens, mattresses etc for a little cottage in St Ives which my children and I have acquired. We haven't got the beds yet, but I'll have a think about which type of mattress would be best as soon as we get them. I have passed your name on to several friends looking for organic bedding - so hope you have benefited as a result! With good wishes GWS 13.1.13

Hi Sarah, The futon has arrived today and it is the beautiful quality i expected, many thanks, BG 12.12.12

Just to confirm the futon mattress arrived well this morning. Impressed with the packaging and the futon. Just made the bed to be ready for our guests tomorrow! Feels so good to have a futon mattress again at last! Thank you! Best wishes, IB 10 12.12

Hello Sarah, Just to let you know that we received the futons yesterday. They look great. Thanks for your help. EK 27.11.12

Hi Sarah, thank you vey much for everything, and also for the chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the futons look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!really looking forward to go to sleep this night! Regards, IG 19.11.12

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely futon ( Coir ‘Springy’ ). All the best JL 15.10.12

Around 2007 I ordered a traditional double futon mattress, firm and pretty thick, which has been beautifully softening my sleep. I have been delighted with it! However, as I making a move back to France, I have to part with it for practical transport reasons. I wonder today if you could help me find out the cost I paid five years ago for this traditional double mat so I could sell it at a fair price... (thus I may be able to get a new one from you hopefully soon when I am settled!) Thank you for your attention and understanding, NS 24.9.12

Hi Sarah, Just to let you know, the futon arrived safe and sound. We're really chuffed with it. Only one little's just too comfortable! Cheers T&GS 5.7.12

Hi Sarah, thanks for the futon, it arrived the very next day and it is really nice to sleep on. Many thanks, EK 5.5.12

Hi Sarah, Thanks for the futons, which were delivered today, we are very happy with them. Best wishes, EH 1.5.12

Dear Sarah, The futon is wonderful. Thank you so much. Best wishes, GD-C 2.4.12

Hi, I bought a 5-layer (I think...) double futon from you a couple of years ago and it needs a cover. Can you let me know if you still do them and if so how much they are (and are there different colours)? Much obliged. The mattress itself is still wonderful, btw. I sleep like a log. Thanks a lot, LH 26.3.12

Hi , The delivery arrived around 1 today and I am very pleased with the futon and will recommend you to some of my friends who are also buying a new mattress in the near future. thanks, EV 16.3.12

Hi Sarah, I absolutely LOVE my futon!!!! I definitely want 2 more initially, possibly followed by another 2. Many, many thanks. Kindest Regards HR 14.3.12

Hi, The delivery arrived around 1 today and I am very pleased with the futon and will recommend you to some of my friends who are also buying a new mattress in the near future. thanks, EV 16.3.12

Hi Sarah, I absolutely LOVE my futon!!!! I definitely want 2 more initially, possibly followed by another 2. Many, many thanks. Kindest Regards HR 14.3.12

Hey Sarah, Received the futon fine, it's great - thanks a lot for all your help with this :) Cheers AD 22.1.12

Hi Sarah, Happy new year. I just wanted to let you know that we’re really happy with the futon, it fits perfectly, looks good and is very comfy! Thanks for your patience with my order and for fitting me in before Christmas. RF 9.1.12

Hello Sara, I ordered a traditional futon from you couple of weeks ago and simply love it! Thank you very much for your help. Best wishes HV 13.12.11

Hello. Just wanted to let you know we have received the futons and we're really pleased with them. Thank you! SG Guest dept 12.12.11

Hi Sarah, We love the futon! Many thanks and best wishes, SA 5.12.11

Dear Sarah, just to let you know the futon arrived promptly, and we managed to heave it upstairs last weekend! We are really pleased with it, it is a dream to sleep on, my back pain went as soon as I lay down on it!! So thanks for a great service. JL 6.11.11

Hi Sarah, Just a quick note to say thank you for sorting out everything with the futon. It arrived fine and has been in frequent use over the past few weeks - with more this weekend (which is what comes of living next to the Lakes...). Our guests have been very complimentary and our experience with your company has been overwhelmingly positive. Many thanks again, SF 4.11.11

Me and my partner Brad just bought one of your futon beds, it is lovely, it feels wonderful and very well made. All the Best, JA 29.10.11

Hello again Sarah, Thank you! The futon arrived yesterday, and it's great. Best wishes, SM 15.9.11

Hello Sarah, I hope you are well. I am very happy with the futon, and all guests report it being extremely comfortable. KP 21.8.11

Sarah, Futon has Arrived! It's high quality, excellently packed and shipped - great service and advice thank you. SS 1.7.11

futon arrived safe and sound, short delay due to lorry blowing a tyre on route!! But Nightfreight people very helpful and everything sorted. Futon v comfy and teenager v happy with old one, so smiles all round, thankyou PH 27.6.11

hi, thanks for your response, love your futons, having slept on my friend Eliza's! All the best Y 6.6.11

My name is CM I am a Bodyworker,Shiatsu practitioner and Shiatsu Shin Tai teacher.My first futon was made by you and has stood the test of time, 6 years so far, so I know what you make is good stuff. CM 11.5.11

Hi Sarah, I ordered a futon mattress from you some months back. It's working great and I'd like to get a cover for it. Thank you, CP 15.4.11

Sarah, Just to mention that we received the futons and are very very happy with them. We will soon buy a new one for our guest room! Best GC 14.4.11

We are more than happy with our futon! It really is fantastic! So, so comfortable and so nice to feel that we are sleeping on organic materials! I am so happy that I found your website, it is great to find a company that believes in everything that we believe in. I have been recommending you to everyone I meet!! :-) Also, thank you very much for the very quick delivery! We were not expecting it to be so quick so we were extremely happy when it arrived only a few days after ordering!

In December we bought two futons from you, one three ft wide and one four foot wide. We are very impressed with your service and the product. You were warm, helpful and friendly, each time we phoned with questions you came back to us with information that was useful and helped us make our decisions without any pressure. When finally we had decided what we wanted you were able to get them to us very quickly despite it being pre-Christmas. Now having slept on the futons for two weeks we are delighted with the comfort and quality of them. We feel so happy and relieved we made the decision we did. Attached is a photo of three of your happy customers using their futons!

Thank you very much for making the most comfortable futon I’ve ever slept on! Having wonderful nights sleeps....

I am really really happy with the futon that I have decided to buy a couple more things from you…

We'd like to order a pair of mattresses for moses baskets. We bought a futon from you guys and it has been brilliant. The mum to be is very comfy on it...and so am i.

HI, got the futon a week or so ago, its perfect, exactly what I wanted, thank you. We are trying to buy a bed and mattress for our young son and are interested in your 5 layer springy futon mattress. We bought a 7 layer last year for our teenage son and it is fantastic.

Very pleased with the 2 futons you made for our Shepherd's Hut here in Cornwall.

Just to thank you very much indeed for the futon. It is beautifully made, and I am delighted with it. It was a great pleasure to find a company that shares many of my environmental and ethical concerns. I hope that you will continue to thrive! I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.

To let you know that I received the futon yesterday and I am so happy with it! I already slept on it last night and I don't think I'd slept that good in years :)

Just to let you know we received the Futon safe and sound ‘am’, as requested. I thought the choice of packaging was very good as the outer bag was a little torn but the other two protected the contents very well. Having spent the first night on it, also wanted to tell you all how delighted we are - it fits well and sleeps well, and was well worth waiting for. Thanks again to you all for your helpful, and efficient service. And for producing such a quality product with great ethical credentials at a reasonable price - we can sleep soundly knowing that. Wishing you continued success.

I have been meaning to write to you before now! I just wanted to say thank you for the futon! It arrived fine, and I really love it! It feels very special! Thank you!

We bought two traditional 7-layer futons from you in August (we're in Stroud, Gloucestershire), one double, one single. We just love our double! it is such a beautifully crafted piece that does not compare with what is generally available.

Thank you, the futons have arrived. We are delighted with both of them. I think I will order another small futon/ cushion from you for a chair to match the sofa as we are so happy with the one you made.

Just to say a very big THANK YOU to all involved in the making of the futon (including the sheep of herefordshire) it is a lovely piece of work and having slept on it I am more than pleased with it - and so is my back.

The order arrived on time. I am very pleased with the futon quality.

Lying down trying out my new futon now, after flexing my muscles to carry up stairs. Very happy, very comfy! Thanks for the quick manufacture and speedy delivery.

Thank you so much for the beautiful futon.

Several months ago I placed an order for a single Futon, a wool duvet and a mattress protector. All turned out to be lovely so I wanted to order the same set for our other child.

Just to say a big thank you for this - the order arrived without problems on Thursday and we've had a very comfortable test night's sleep on the futon!

Got the futon and sample yesterday, and just unwrapped today. The futon is wonderfully comfortable, firm and springy!

I appreciate the swiftness of my most recent purchase. The package arrived the day after payment! We're almost completely kitted out by you with our new futon and duvet etc. We love the new futon (it's so comfy!) Thanks!!

You guys have been hard to track down. i have been looking for the manchester futon company for years! we bought a futon from you in 1994 and it has been brilliant to sleep on i am so glad i found you again! thanks for years of blissful sleep.

Hi, we bought a custom futon for our van a few months back and are very happy with it. we're now wondering whether you could make us another for the extra bed box.

Many thanks for the futon that you delivered for us. We're really pleased with the quality of the futon.

We received the futons on Friday, many thanks. We really like them!

Just to let you know I had my parents to stay this weekend so we slept on the futon- it is fabulous, we both slept so well! We look forward to any guests staying now/ or any excuse to sleep downstairs!!

The futon and frame and duvet arrived safely today and I'm just about try it out!! Thanks very much, it looks and feels great and I'm sure I'll be back to you for more.

We do love your futon!

I ordered a futon from you early last year, I'm very pleased with it and intend to order another.

Just a very belated thank you for the futons. They are just right and solve our storage problem. Thank you so much for sorting it out for us and for getting them to us in time for our visitors.It's been really good to deal with your business and we will be in touch again.

Futon delivered without problem......really thrilled with it, thankyou.

I bought a 6-layer futon from you in 1996, when you were in Blossom Street, and have been very happy with it. However, I think the time is coming to replace the mattress!

Thank you thank you thank you. The futon is looking super in our home. Loving it.

Futon received safely thanks. I look forward to trying it out. (next day) My back is very happy this morning!

Its a lovely futon - thanks!

The futons came Wednesday – many thanks indeed. They are super comfy and much better than a sprung mattress – fab, loving them Cheers.

Hello! We ordered some futons from you a while ago, they are great! We would now like to order a double wool mattress overlay and a woollen blanket.

Thank you very much for my futon mattress which has arrived today, only three days after I ordered it! Thank you for your excellent, speedy and helpful service.

The futon arrived yesterday and I had a good night's sleep! I'm delighted with it. Thank you for all your help and great service.

Just to say the Futon is fantastic! I'm really pleased with it, thank you.

I'm still enjoying very good nights' sleep on my springy futon!

… all safely delivered, and so comfortable - thanks!

The futon arrived, and it is just so beautifully made - thank you! I love the shade of grey too ... perfect! Best wishes.

Firstly, just to say thanks for the Futon I picked up this Saturday - have tried it out and am very pleased with it (One of my cats is slightly disconcerted though!)

Thanks so much for all your help. The futon is great and perfect, very comfortable, glad I went for the latex one this time. The delivery guy was there just as I got back.Thanks from a very happy customer.

We bought a Super Kingsize futon mattress in July to go on a Warren Evans low frame and I just wanted to say that it's by far the comfiest mattress I've ever slept on, thank you so much. My 10 mth old son (who sleeps wth us), my partner and I all love it, thank you so much to all of you! We're on holiday at the moment and not sleeping half as well!

Thanks for following up and we're really pleased with the futon mattress.

Hi Sarah, Futon arrived safe & sound on Tuesday. Sorry for not letting you know earlier, I've had a chaotic couple of days, but I'm sleeping soundly too! It fits the bed base perfectly, very happy. THANKS!

Just to say a big thank you for this - the order arrived without problems on Thursday and we've had a very comfortable test night's sleep on the futon!

Got the futon and sample yesterday, and just unwrapped today. The futon is wonderfully comfortable, firm and springy!

We are very happy with our futon and will be ordering one for our daughter next week.

Futon has been very well recieved and fits pefectly - thanks!

Thank you so much for our futons - we got some 5-layer traditional ones, and they are wonderful. Getting up in the morning is tough! Getting two singles for our double bed base was the best idea, as they are easy to fold, turn and roll. This means it gets done every day, which it wouldn't if we had to fight with a large, heavy one. Great quality and fine service.

Thanks for everything, the futon arrived this morning, is a dream ;-)

Many thanks for the futon which arrived before midday on Friday as promised. We are very pleased with the quality and it is really comfortable.

Cot Mattresses

Hi Sarah, How are you and how’s DoJo going? Our 3 1/2 month old son is quickly outgrowing his moses basket for which you made a nice organic mattress, meaning we are now needing a cot mattress and hoping you can make us one? Just the standard size 60 x 120cm please. Thank you and all my best, ML 3.5.17

Hi there, We had one of your mattresses for our sons cot and were quite happy with it, he's a little bigger now though so it's time for a little bigger bed. Could you advise what size mattress you would fit into a bed tray measuring 159.5cm x 71.5cm? Thanks for your help on this. Cheers, JM 1.10.15

Hello, I have ordered a few mattresses with you and would like to order a cot bed mattress and the cover for our cot bed. It is a 140x70cm. Kind regards, CM 16.8.15

Dear Sarah, I ordered a crib mattress form you earlier in the year and am very happy with it. Thank you! I will need to order a cotbed mattress from you at some point soon, probably soon after Christmas. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, RB 22.9.14

The package (cot mattress) arriveed this afternoon and everything is wonderful as always from you guys. DM 5.9.14

Hello, We got one of your mattresses a few months ago for our bed and my son's cot bed; they're fab! I have another baby on the way so would like to get a new mattress for the Moses basket. Can I get a quote for a made to measure "Natural Mattress For Moses Basket" please. Kind regards RH 6.9.13

Thanks for all your help Sarah, we are very pleased with both the mattress and the service we received from you. My new baby Alice is enjoying using it very much. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your shop to others looking for similar products. Thanks again, RT 18.12.12

Hi, I ordered a cot bed mattress maybe a month ago now. I just wanted to get in touch to say how much I love it. I’m so impressed by how supportive AND comfortable it is. So much softer than the John Lewis equivalent, and I think cheaper too! I’m SO glad that I found you. It was a pleasure corresponding with you, and I am thrilled that my little one sleeps on his natural, beautiful, comfortable mattress every night. Thank you for making such beautiful products. Best wishes, KH 16.10.12

Hello there, A couple of years ago you made me a lovely mattress for my son's cot bed, which he is still using. We have a new arrival on the way and are looking for another mattress, I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards HJ 21.1.12

Hi Sarah, Sorry it's taken me a while to email but I just wanted to say thank you for the moses basket mattress. It's arrived and it's lovely. Thanks for all your help and I hope you have a very happy Christmas. Very best wishes LS 14.12.11

Hi Sarah, We just love your mattresses and it's time for yet another order - my new little one needs a cot mattress. By the way, my older 'little' one is still using his 18 months on and even now it is still in great condition (despite regular rather enthusiastic jumping on!). KV 26.6.11

Hi, I ordered a cot mattress from you about a year or so ago, which was beautiful. I'd like to order one Mid-fill firm/springy mattress in king size. Best wishes, AMA 13.6.11

Thanks so much for the speedy delivery of the mattress – it is lovely (unfortunately Lola has not made great use of it yet however and still prefers me as a mattress!) VH 11.2.11 Hi Sarah, Could I please order another mattress, the same size as the last small one I ordered, Lola is now sleeping quite well on her mattress!! VH 23.3.11

Just wanted to let you know that we received our order for cot mattress and bedding this morning. We are over the moon with it all, it looks, feels and smells beautiful! We can't wait for our little girl to arrive so she can try it all out. Thank you so much for the very swift delivery and for the wonderful products, we will definitely be recommending you to everyone we know and using you again ourselves. With much gratitude for a wonderful eco service

We bought an Amby Nature's Nest hammock for our first baby to sleep in (who is now in a cot bed with one of your mattresses and sleeping very well!), and with another baby due in a couple of weeks, are looking for an organic alternative to the piece of foam which was supplied as the Amby mattress.

Thank you for the organic latex / coir cot mattress recently received. It's absolutely wonderful and has noticeably improved our son's sleep already! It was also a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to further DOJO purchases in the future and perhaps even a visit to your shop if we're passing Manchester.

Sarah, thanks loads for the mattress, we will need another one for the large cot bed in about 6 months, hopefully i will get to come see the shop before then.

Mattress received and our little one is already enjoying his night on it.

Hi Sarah, cot mattress arrived yesterday and is fab. Thank you very much again.

Hi, I bought a cot mattress off you a while ago which I absolutely love. I am moving to Israel and would like to order another one.

Thanks so much, the order came today! (My hubby can't believe how quick everything has been from the first phone call to you). It's amazing, in this day and age we are so used to bleached, pesticide ridden cotton, we don't remember what proper cotton looks like! I can't wait for Rob to go to bed tonight now! Thanks again, I will be recommending you to everyone I meet!

Thanks so much for the delivery (cot mattress and bedding) - everything is beautiful :)

We bought a mattress for our baby son from you last year, via an English web site. We're very pleased with the mattress and are thinking about buying another larger one. Do you make mattresses of more "odd" sizes, like 85 cm x 195 cm?

I received my kids mattress yesterday. I'm happy about the mattress, feels so good (but too small for me). Again, thank you for all your help. A happy norwegian viking customer.

Thanks, the moses basket mattress arrived and we're really pleased with it.

Shiatsu and Yoga

Organic Shiatsu Mat received yesterday afternoon. Very many thanks for your efforts xxxx TS 31.3.17

Hi, I have a couple of bolsters and am looking for covers for each of them. Is this something you can do? PS I still make good use of a futon and base bought from you about 20 years ago… (after delivery of covers) The Bolster covers arrived today. They fit well and look very good, thank you. Best Wishes JB 13.3.17

Hello, I am very happy with the two shiatsu mats that I have from you that I've been using for some months. I have an upcoming Thai massage course for which I will need 10-15 mats 140x200 basic as you have, with simple washable covers. What sort of cost for this sort of order, could you tell me for 10 and for 15 also pls?? Thank you kindly! JP 28.3.15

Dear Sarah, I got the shiatsu mat and the bolster today and love them! And so did my client who had Thai Massage on it!!! Thanks very much. I will definitely recommend your business in the future! All the best, MG 6.2.14

Hi Sarah Thank you very much for my shiatsu mat, it is perfect. PC 5.12.12

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to thank you very much for my shiatsu mat and 2 mini mats. They arrived this morning and i have just unwrapped them. The mini mats fit exactly into a standard pillow case with the end folded over which is great. Your company has been very professional, fast and friendly. I look forward to recommending you and returning to you myself again. Kind regards, JF 3.12.12

Hi Sarah thank you for you help.. The mat has arrived and it is wonderful :) SD 23.10.11

I have received the futons and the sofa is perfect. You can see for yourself on the photos. :) I have now taken photos of the yogamats, and a bit more of my studio hope you can see how beautiful it has gotten because of the things you have made for me! A perfect space for yoga! I love it! And I am SO grateful for your work and your willingness to make those wonderful mats and mattresses! For me, my yogateachers and yogastudents it makes such a difference! THANK YOU! I can promise you that we will put a lot of good energy into them!Again, THANK YOU! I wish you a great week with many moments filled with love and thankful gratitude! KB MamaYoga, Norway 5.9.11

Hi Sarah, Hope you are well. I bought a shiatsu mat from you last year which I absolutely love however I was thinking of getting a smaller one for home visits. TC 17.7.11

Dear Sarah, Just a quick note to say thanks very much for my gorgeous shiatsu mat - it looks very beautiful in my new treatment room!! I'm really grateful for all your help and know where to come if I need any more bits for my Thai yoga massage business. Thank you :) All the best and hope business is booming for you guys. I will certainly recommend you. SW 10.4.11

Thank you very much for the shiatsu mat which arrived safe and sound and Emily is very pleased with it. Many, many thanks and best wishes.

Today the shiatsu mat was brought by a friend of mine to my therapy room. It looks good to me. I feel it is perfect for giving the treatments. I am happy with it.

My package arrived this morning just as I was on my way out. Thank you! I am delighted with everything and am sure that I will be ordering more from you in the future. I had a very quick sit with my new meditation kit & it's all good- not austere zen but hey.....;o))!

I just wanted to say thank you for the great quality shiatsu mat and yoga bolster which I received from you a couple of weeks ago. I used it on my first client this week and it was perfect - the right size, weight and level of comfort for my client, without being too bulky for me to work around! All in all a great product - and I will be recommending you to my fellow therapists! Best of luck with your business - you deserve to thrive!

I have received the products and they are wonderful especially the Thai mat.

I received the bolsters and they are great thanks so much!

The mat arrived on Friday and it is fabulous. Thank you very much for processing my order so promptly. I will certainly be recommending you to my friends, so you may a get a few more orders of these mats. Thanks again.

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the shiatsu mat, great quality, love the lavender soap too so will be ordering more of that at some stage. Customer service very good - am spreading the word.

Got my mat as promised last Monday but didn't get the opportunity to use it until Sunday. All I can say is ... I lurve my mat! Thank you.

Just over a year ago I ordered a zafu and zabuton from you, and have used them almost every day since – they are great! They are so great that I really miss them when I go on retreat to my favourite convent in Oxford… So I am thinking of buying them a set for their guest hermitage, so that any guest hermits (including me!) can use them.

I received my futon (shiatsu mat) today, thank you again, It’s great.

Everything Else

Hi There, I wanted to enquire about ordering some of the organic British sheep's wool cushions. I'm wanting two of the 40x40cm one and two of the 30x50 ones if thats possible! I'm in my last year at Glasgow school of Art working on a sustainable textiles project making interiors out of waste material so it's great to find some eco cushions to cover in my fabric! I was just wondering how long delivery would be on those?… (After delivery) The cushions arrived, they are perfect!! Thank you so much for making and getting them to me so quickly! Thanks again, BF 5.5.17

Hi Sarah and Jonathan, I am very pleased and delighted with all the cushions, thank you very much. I will unroll the futon at a later time. Now I am at work. The delivery arrived well on time, no problem and helpful driver. All the best, MB 7.4.17

Hello Sarah, thank you for the lovely pillow. My husband used it last night and says it's the best present ever! Best wishes RP 7.4.17

Hi Sarah, the parcel arrived this morning, thank you so much. My husband is very pleased with his cushion (the one he had been using is almost completely flat!) and the blanket is lovely; I love the little carry bag (and the rabbit picture thereon) :-) Many thanks again for all your help, and for making such excellent (and natural) products! Delivery was super-quick, especially considering it only cost £22! We're still getting used to the post in France; it's not cheap or fast… Our cat has already decided that both the blanket and the cushion are her playthings. The cushion can take it (a little), but the blanket: less so. I think we shall have to do some gradual introductions! Happy Spring :-) KLN 2.2.17

Hello Sarah, Thank you very much. Cushion is perfect. Your knack for filling the cushions was obvious on seeing our attempt - but with a little perseverance the appearance became fine. Now we have a comfy chair. Wishing all success to you and Manchester Futon Co. Kind regards N&LH 21.9.15

Hi Sarah, We have a couple of things from you, which we totally love, and we would now need one more item… My daughter is ready for a pillow. She is 5 years old, so it doesn’t need to be a thick pillow. Her pillowcases measure 39x59 cm. Do you have one which would fit these specs? Many thanks, EH 11.6.15

Morning Sarah, Thank you for the wool duvet. We received it yesterday and a little boy had a very warm nights sleep! I look forward to getting some more goodies soon! With many many thanks AB 22.10.13

Hi Sarah, just wanted to let you know that the latex is working a treat and we are all sleeping much better, Brad says its the most comfortable bed he's ever slept on! Thank you. JA 16.5.13

Thanks Sarah, I received my order yesterday. Brilliant service as always :-) Best wishes ST 8.11.11

Hi Sarah, You are fantastic! The two transactions with you were a dream, your communication was outstanding, your empathy and understanding of our need and timing was phenomenal, and we had loved everything that we had bought from you. Many thanks, EH 5.10.11

Hello Sarah, Woollen mattress pad and cotton protector works a treat, Thanks PR (too hot on a memory foam mattress) 16.9.11

We loved the shop, and would have bought everything if we could, it was definitely worth the trip down from London through the rain and floods

Hi Sarah, just a wee note to let you know that we received the parcel well and the cushions are fab - many thanks again! Very best from rainy Scotland, C&MF 22.7.11

Thanks as always for the wonderful eco home goods.

Hi Sarah, I received the parcel on Tuesday and am very happy with the items (duvets, pillows and bedlinen) They are all of great quality and I look forward to ordering some more items when you re-open :) Thanks for the great service :) KH 21.4.11

The blanket arrived yesterday, thank you. I put it on my bed last night, wonderful, just what I needed.

The duvet arrived yesterday thanks, its perfect. Love the rattle too. Thank you very much for the excellent customer service.

Thank you really chuffed with the tyre tubs that arrived today!!

My parcel arrived safely yesterday! I am pleased with my purchase and would like to thank you for a prompt efficient service, with excellent communications. I hope to do business with you again.

The Alpaca socks arrived this morning and are lovely. I may have to order more!

Thank you Sarah - I found my way to Dojo and bought the tyre planters - i'm more than pleased with them - i'll try to spread the word. My thanks for your friendly service and your lovely products.

Thank you, rugs arrived today as you said. They are down at the bedside already and I'm covered in fluff for my pains! They are lovely, and feel more like wool than silk. Very warm and soft to put your feet on when you've just got out of bed. Thank you, best wishes.

Thanks again for the order, very lovely things. All arrived beautifully. thanks so much! those baby blankets are gorgeously soft!

I received the parcel, thank you very much. I am very pleased with everything. The fleecy wool blanket is so soft.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit when we came to visit the other week and have done nothing but recommend you everywhere we go.

I am just making up my sofa seat cushions with the wonderful carded wool I bought from you. I wanted to tell you how fantastic I think it is to work with!! I love it! Thank you.

Thanks again for prompt reply and mailing. Mattress cover is comfortable and excellent quality - of course!

Just wanted to let you know my order arrived abou 30min ago - and everything is perfect. Thanks for your time, and the trouble you took to get the order right. Quality gear and a nice independent outfit ... ;)

Thanks so much for all your help and the wonderful goods!

Just to let you know my bedroll, bag & thorny devil arrived safely yesterday morning. Again I'm very happy with my order- of course I had to test out the bed roll on my return from work. I drifted off to sleep! Good result! It's brill.

All arrived safe and sound, and the pillows are already being enjoyed!

Cushion has arrived is absolutely perfect! After the fire we had the kitchen painted the same colour as before (fortunately) and so the colouring, as well as the shape and depth etc are spot on. It looks so nice that I will not want to drape it in another cloth, which then goes in the wash (past practice). Hope you have kept size details as I will probably order at least one more cover, so we can keep it smart. The cat mat is brilliant too! Thanks.

I came in a couple of weeks ago and bought a mattress pad - very impressed, bed now too warm and soft to want to get out off...and the cat loves it!

Just to say the bags and blanket arrived this morning, and they are perfect, so thanks for helping choose them!

My order has just arrived. Thank you very much indeed for your very helpful and efficient service. I shall order from you again, and recommend you to friends and family. Thanks again.

I received the cushion on Monday. I love it. Thanks. And really appreciate your help in coming up with the right thing for my chair.

Thanks for your speedy and professional customer service!