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We Are Open!

January 20, 2021 - 12:05pm

Hello! Just in case you were wondering, our workshop is open and we are here making our mattresses, futons, cushions (and all sorts of other things) pretty much as normal. We have our own self contained workshop and as a small team we can work safely and hygienically. We are well stocked up with our raw materials - organic cotton, organic UK wool, organic latex and coconut fibre - and our lead times for mattresses and futons are generally running around our regular 10 days, although we can sometimes fit things in more quickly. During this time though, our 'shop' is closed and so it isn't possible to visit us to try out mattresses and futons, but we can send out samples, chat through options on the phone and advise by email. After more than 30 years of doing what we do we are pretty experienced at recommending the best choices for each individual situation.

It's been wonderful to have had so much support from our lovely customers, both new and old (many of whom we have known for decades!), over the last year. We are really grateful to have been able to continue to remain open all through the last year and look forward to a better year ahead for everyone.