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Yoga Bolster


A large bolster made from tough, unbleached organic cotton and stuffed with either organic wool or a recycled cotton and wool filling. The wool is springier whilst the recycled ‘felt’ is firmer. We make these bolsters in our Manchester workshop and so it’s no problem to make up to different sizes, have a look at our 3 Bags Full range too. We have supplied these bolsters for many years to yoga schools and students and can offer a bulk discount, just ask us for details.
Removable covers come in different colours with the cost depending on the type of fabric chosen, we usually have a selection of organic cotton, linen and hemp.

Organic Wool 22 x 60cm £40.00
Recycled Cotton and Wool 22 x 60cm £28.00
Removable Covers from £16.00

Eco Footprint

Organic fabric.
Organic British wool filling.
Recycled cotton and wool filling.
Made in Manchester.