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Natural DIY

Natural DIY

A range of natural earth and mineral pigments reflecting the colours used by artists for hundreds of years. The pigments can be used to colour Earthborn Claypaint or Emulsion and a limitless range of colours and shades can be mixed from the basic palette. Or make a colourwash or glaze by mixing pigments with water and wallpaper paste, add as a tint to natural varnishes and use to make artists watercolours and oil paints. We have 22 pigments priced according to their rarity, method of extraction and preparation.
Pigments 75g packets £2.50 - £7.00.
For woodwork, worktops and furniture we have oils, waxes, polishes and coloured varnishes.

Eco Footprint

Natural and sustainable materials.
Pigment with no heavy metals or toxins.
No air transport.